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El Circo y La Bruma

From Spain
September 15, 2021

BioVid Corporation

From US
September 15, 2021

S’more Brands

From US
June 14, 2021

Pamela Nerattini Linkedin Trainer & Coach

From Italy
May 03, 2021

What is Divi

If you have come here and are not yet familiar with Divi, it is the most popular WordPress theme in the world. However referring to Divi as a theme really does not do it justice. It is an incredibly powerful website design and building tool. Whether you are an experienced website designer or a relative new comer Divi offers something for everyone.

Submit Your Site Today

Choose from a premium or basic listing. Submitted sites are reviewed under a number of criteria. If your site makes the grade add the Divi Award winning logo to your website.

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More than just deserved recognition. Divi Awards can greatly enhance your company prestige.



From just £7.99 if your site make the grade this will offer incredible value for money..



"Award winning web design" this title has a nice ring too it don't you think?



Being featured on the Divi Awards website can drive extra traffic to your website.


Your site could feature on Divi Awards within 3 days. What are you wating for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered. If you have another question please don't hesitate to contact us.

Is my listing guaranteed?

The whole point of the Divi Awards website is to recognise great design. This means submitted websites will have to meet certain criteria put down by the judges. For this reason we can not guarantee your website will be listed.

can i get a refund?

Unfortunately if your website is deemed to not make the grade a refund can not be issued. Judges spend time and consider all submitted sites very carefully before reaching a decision. 

How many sites can i submit?

You may submit as many websites as you like. You will however have to submit one site at a time.

can i remove my listing?

Yes - If you decide you do not want to benefit from being on the Divi Awards website simply contact us via email: and we will remove your listing.

What are the costs?

We currently offer 2 listing options.

  • Basic £7.99
  • Premium £15.99

You can find out more about the listing options here.

Who judges the sites?

The judges are made up of several Designers and Developers all of whom have vast experience with Divi & WordPress. All submitted sites are seen by a minimum of 2 judges before a decision is made.

How do I pay?

After your site is submitted payment is taken via Paypal. If you don't have a Paypal account can simply use your credit/debit card.

Are there recurring fees?

There are no recurring fees. All payments are one-time only.

can i submit non Divi sites?

No - These awards are exclusively to recognise excellent design using the Divi platform.

Which countries are covered?

As is the beauty of the World Wide Web it really does not matter which country you are in the award can be used internationally. However our website is currently only available in English.